Golden Triangle Tour: Get Explore the Unspoken Majesty of Indian Culture


There are various numbers of tour packages available here to make your trip wonderful and amazing that covered every attraction in India. India has many colourful faces that vary from one place to another. The geographic diversity of this nation has been completely unexpected just like one side of this nation is too hot another is too cold, somewhere you can find deserts and other places are full of water-bodies.

Visitors come to India from each corner of the world to get a real Indian flavour. Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most demanded tour packages that include the three most ancient cities of North India Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. In this tour package, you can visit various numbers of wonderful places of all these cities.

This package allows to experience the beautiful sightseeing for domestic as well as foreign travellers Although these destinations focus on the selected attractions that mention on the tour package just because of time limitation. There is not a certain path to follow on the India Golden Triangle Tour Package, but mostly tour starts from the Delhi-a capital of the nation.

Delhi is the heart of the nation, and easily accessed from every region, it has domestic as well as an international airport. This is a perfect place to start your trip to India, visitors glance here ancient glory and modern influences in a single shot. Another destination is Agra that connected via roadways and railways.

It is only a couple hours away from Delhi. The next one is Jaipur that is also not so far from Delhi. All three destinations make an equally elegant structure of the triangle on the Indian map.


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