Golden Trip of India with Rich Heritage, Culture and Beautiful Sculptures


India is the incredible land that attracts the visitors with various kinds of exploring things. The travel destinations are famous for super class arts, museums, glorious architecture, calming natural beauty and various heritage cities. So this land is full of rich heritage and culture.

In this nation you can experience the different destinations with different thrills such as national parks and sanctuaries give you a wonderful safari trip. In Rajasthan, you can experience the royalty, history and undying stories of bravery. South India gives you the experience of natural beauty and serenity. Some destinations are offering the beautiful sculptures that tell the historical art and culture.

Among all of them, you can select your favorite theme of travelling. If you select the North India as your destination, then Golden Triangle Tour Package is the best choice. You will explore India with your desired places that give you the best memories of your journey. It includes three most popular cities (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) to visit and take unforgettable art and culture that preserve from ancient time. Here, you can explore the various traditional cultures of these cities.


If you want to visit some additional places like Khajuraho, Ranthambore, Varanasi, Haridwar etc., then you should select the Golden Triangle Tour with Khajuraho, Ranthambore, Varanasi, Haridwar and so on. Visitors can feel the best spirit in this region with full of happiness and joy. So, visitors looking ahead to explore this trinity in North India can make reward the wonderful trip of the golden triangle.

Discuss important safety tips during Golden Triangle Tour India

India has a perfect blend of traditional and modern lifestyle. So, if you plan any trip in the cultured land of this country, then you must aware some important things and travel instructions. India is different from western countries; in a simple word you can say that it is a ritual country.

gt-03-07-14People in this country give respect and follow their ancient traditions and culture from long time ago. So, it’s one of the important points to maintain social activities. If a visitor wants to enjoy a comfortable and enriching trip in India, then follow the social rules and regulation. Golden Triangle Tours is one of the most popular and cultural tour in this country.

We are here to discuss some important tips about travel safety; visitors must keep in mind while exploring this nation.

  1. Before coming toward the inside for a trip, visitors must be aware about local laws in that particular area. This will help you to enjoy your vacation without any hassle.
  2. To make a list of your important contact numbers, it’s important to keep in touch with your family and friends. When you travel, you must be informed regularly about your location and activities.
  3. Never reveal any personnel information and trip plans to any stranger while exploring in this nation.
  4. Always keep the double copies of your travel documents, which also an important thing that you can’t ignore while traveling in this country.
  5. If you plan to explore some restricted areas in this nation like Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, you must get the legal permission from India tourism. Visitors may ask their travel agent’s for arranging the authorization permit.
  6. While traveling in this country, try to hire taxi or a cab from reliable tour operators or government approved travel agencies. It will facilitate you to keep away any challenging situation.
  7. Do not take any advice from a taxi driver for accommodation. It will be much better when you pre-planned your accommodation arranged by trusted travel agent.
  8. In the hotel where you stay, please remember when you check-in, put forward your important things in a hotel’s locker such as your treasures, return tickets, passports etc.
  9. Always be aware of pickpocket, to avoid this thing keep your wallet in the side trouser pocket or the inner jacket pocket. Never carry a huge amount of cash, it will not safe for you.
  10. If any stranger wants to come inside your hotel room, never open the door and immediately inform the hotel’s staff.
  11. Never hand over your baggage to any unknown person except the authorized hotel’s bell boys. Always collect a receipt when you summit your baggage and yes, never leave your luggage at the railway station, airport or taxi stand.
  12. Avoid any shortcut or narrow streets and never be alone while you are traveling here. Always travel in crowded places or with the company of others.
  13. Carry a proper first-aid box, mosquito gel or cream and take only a mineral water bottle. Don’t take much spicy food because you are not habitual for that.


These are the basic things that you always keep in mind while you enjoying Golden Triangle Tour India.

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