Sikkim is Largely Benefited by Adventure Tourism

Agra_IndiaThe Government of India has been promoting an Incredible India campaign for a number of years, as a result the north Indian tour packages like Golden Triangle Tours and adventure tourism got much boost. Recently the Himalayan state of Sikkim started reaping the benefits of the promotional adventure tourism.

Sikkim is blessed with many natural fascinations such as steep valleys and hills, perfect for the promotion of adventure tourism. The main aim of tourism ministry in India is to advertize the adventure potentials of Sikkim to a global platform. Sikkim has seven adventure spots identified by the Adventure Tourism Department in India, including three heliports as well as venue development projects.

Eighty two percentages of the geographical territory of Sikkim are covered by the rainforests and the remaining area is covered by snow throughout the year. The hilly terrains of Sikkim are endowed with plenty of bio diversity which includes wide varieties of medicinal plants, orchids, birds and insects. If promoted in a proper way Sikkim will be a hot favorite of adventure tourists all over the world.

The ministry is also looking forward to getting the cooperation of private companies, for the development of hospitality industries like hotels and insurance companies in Sikkim. Tourism ministry plans to make adventure tourism in Sikkim an integral part of India Tours.

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Seek the best of Adventure- Golden Triangle Tours with Ranthambore

Now a day, most of the travellers, who like to embark on adventure travels, choose wildlife safaris as well as treks into the peaks. Hence, Golden Triangle Tour with Ranthambore provides the travellers a great opportunity to visit three rich cities in India along with the best of adventure.

A lot of tour packages on Golden triangle circuit in India, are available with travel companies in India and travellers can easily select the packages that suit their need. The easiest way to explore Ranthambore National Park, and the three heritage cities of Agra, Jaipur and Delhi, is by beginning the travel from Delhi itself, for Delhi is located in the center, and is well-linked with these places.

By beginning Golden Triangle tours from Delhi, travelers can take pleasure in visiting momentous monuments like India Gate, Red Fort, Raj Ghat and Aksardham Temple. After that they can travel to Agra to watch the marvels like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Sikandra, and Itmad- ud- Daulagh. From Agra, visitors could continue their journey towards Ranthambore, and on the route they can watch Fathepur Sikri, where the tomb of Akbar lies.

Ranthambore is famous for exotic wildlife. The place has highest concentration of tiger. Travelers all over the world visit this place to explore the peculiar features of Bengal tiger. Jungle cats, Sloth Bears, Leopards, deer, Jackals, Civets, Striped Hyenas, Chinkara, Yellow Bats and Indian Porcupines are quite commonly seen in the park. After an awe inspiring night stay in Ranthambore, visitors can trek towards Jaipur.

The pink city of Jaipur has some monumental forts and palaces, which are beautifully crafted without losing the royalty of the Rajput architecture. Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort and the City Palace are instances to the point. The courtesy shown by the people of Jaipur is also awesome. Visitors can easily depart to Delhi from Jaipur by concluding their Golden Triangle tour with Tiger Safari. Truly, it is one of the best tour packages in India that provide the visitors with some everlasting memories.

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